How can I help you, your church, or your organization form flourishing mixed-gender ministry partnerships? 

First, pick a topic.

Here are some recent topics I have trained on around the country:

1. A theological look at women in leadership

2. A theology of women and men in flourishing ministry partnerships

3. Ten attributes of flourishing mixed-gender ministry partnerships, the subject of my doctoral research

4. Organizational culture and flourishing partnerships between women and men

5. A pathway for developing more men into more effective allies to women

6. Becoming a church or organization that empowers women

7. A Christian response to #metoo and #churchtoo

Next, pick a venue.

I am available for in-person meetings or video conference meetings, or a combination of both. 

Finally, pick a timeframe.

I have worked with individuals and groups, both in one-time event settings and in multi-meeting consulting services, and I can tailor content to fit any venue or timeframe.